The Boy Who Wouldn't Smile

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The Boy Who Wouldn't Smile

Match Story of Stephen and Niigel

The story of Big Brother Stephen and Little Brother Niigel started in October of 2008. One of the first things Stephen noticed about  Niigel is he did not smile. As the years went on, Stephen would take Niigel on outdoor excursions, like ice fishing, snowboarding and hiking.

A few years later, Stephen and Niigel were driving back home from one of their usual fishing and camping trips. Niigel, out of the blue said, "Man! This has been the best day of my life!" That statement deeply touched Stephen. It was then when Stephen realized the true impact he had made.

Stephen has stayed committed to Niigel. He has supported and cheered on him throughout his youth and into early adulthood.

Stephen and Niigel are one of many stories that we are proud to have started. We are grateful for committed, caring adult mentors like Stephen. 

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